Woodchuck Wood Grain Style Exotic Watches

Here is a simple trivia .. How much wood a Woodchuck would chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck the wood..???
If you have given up, the answer is ..if a Woodchuck could chuck the wood, he would chuck as much wood as he could..!!! Well well well .. read it little slowly and it will make sense.. got it?
Phewww..!Now that we are out of the woods of this puzzling puzzle, let's talk about the Woodchuck Wood Look Watches .. These exotic looking Wood Grain watches have Stainless Steel backs and Bronz dials with Quartz movement and workmanship. This simply means you should not waste any time at all and get one for yourself and one each for your buddies or besties ..
We suggest if you just could, you would and should go ahead and order right away..

Quartz Movement. 
Made from Alloy Metal and other Manmade Materials. Does not consist of any natural wood and no trees were harmed in making this product.
Total Length is 9 inches.
Buckle Style adjustable closure.
It comes in Wood Grains like : Oak Wood, Mahogany Brown and Birch Gray. 
It comes in a gift pouch for gift giving and safe keeping.