Vanity Hair Trimmer For Ears And Nose

Breath easy and look neat and clean with this compact ears and nose trimmer.
It looks like a pen so easily can go in your pocket or handbag and use it for a clean-cut appearance. Charge it for 10 seconds and use it up to 5 mins. Remove unwanted ears and nose hair quickly and effectively, without much noise and pain whatsoever.  You can remove the blade head to clean it with a brush and wash it with water.
Achieve good looks with Vanity and feel good when your special someone admires your appearance.

Powerful motor and whisper-quiet operation make this trimmer unique.


It makes you achieve a neat and clean appearance.


Easy to use and easy to clean, comes with a cleaning brush.


Wash removable blade head under running water and pat dry to store in a vanity drawer.


Compact and travel-friendly.