Smart Fit Sporty Fitness Tracker and Waterproof Swimmers Watch

The Smart Fit Sporty fitness band is a complete multi-sports activity tracker health monitoring system. Track your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality, calorie expenditure, and receive alerts when you’ve been sitting for too long, or when it’s time for medication. Wear it while you walk or run to count your steps and track your distance. (All information can be accessed on your Smartphone via a free APP for all Apple and Android devices.) 
Multi Sports set the watch to track the sports you are playing and it is programmed to count your activity based on the sports and calculate your Kcal burned and HR and BP based on the activity of that sports.   New technology gives you a more accurate reading and sees how you are doing.
Fully waterproof (wear it in the pool!), the Sporty GPS Swimming Tracker is as durable as it is attractive. Backed by a 6-month limited warranty.
It keeps Track of 

How many laps you swim and distance via GPS connected thru the APP


Swimming Mode 


Cycling Mode


Climbing Mode


Running Mode


Walking Mode

Besides that, it keeps track of your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure too in Active Mode.

Blood oxygen monitor


Active heart rate monitor


Multi Sports Activity Tracker.


Step monitor and odometer


Sleep monitor


Call alert with caller ID


Calorie counter


Ultra-bright OLED screen with vertical and horizontal layouts




Gesture control


Dual-color heat-bonded TPU silicone band


IP67 waterproof rating


Remote control for your smartphone’s camera


Fully compatible with Apple devices using iOS 4.5 and above, and Android devices 4.35 and above


Syncs with your smartphone via a free app available in the iTunes or Google Play store