Portable Mp3 Music Player and FM Radio And More

The portable Music Player that you always wanted.That music player which does not interrupt with a phone call or a pop-up message.  That is what this is a fit in the palm music play, FM radio, Photo storage a voice recorder and video player.  It does not require any subscription or monthly fees.  

  Support various music formats: MP3.MP4.WMA.WMV, ASF WAV DMA 
  Support MP4, WMV, MPG, MPEG I , MEG II, and AVI after converting to AMV (using any conversion  software) 
  Convert JPEG, GIF, SWF Picture Files or else to PIC Files to be viewed by MTV 
  Memory Dividable Private Space Disk function 
  Can be used as a flash disk storage
  Voice record function
  Support ID3 lyric display in pace with the song 
  Rechargeable Battery life: Max.6 hours Continue MP3 playback, Video 3 hours, E-book 7 hours
  Built-In Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 
  Electronic album, support JPG format photo 
  E-book function 
  Built-in Games 
  Built-in FM Radio (Tuner 87MHz - 108MHz), can store the selected radio frequency into memory
  It comes with headphones and charging cable.
  Available in Multiple Colors