Multi-purpose Double Stainless Steel Mortar Pestle

Multi-purposeDouble Stainless Steel Mortar Pestle Pill Crusher Spice Grinder Herb Bowl Pesto Powder Grinder Crusher Kitchen Tool



1.Easy grinding Multi-Purpose,Usually, some spices and ingredients at home can be mashed. It is also very suitable for pharmacies and shops.


2.Thickened and deepened to meet demand.Built with clean steel thick materials, it is durable, anti-fall, deformation and deepening. The Bowl body can hold more ingredients at a time.


3.Anti-splash pp lid prevent food debris from splashing,It is convenient to clean and more hygienic to prevent food debris from splashing and soiling the table during hammer grinding.


4.Powerful mash hammer,Solid heavy mash hammer widened arc hammer head operation is more convenient.


5.The whole tank adopts wire drawing process,The inner wall is smoother without leaving residue, and the grinding efficiency is high.