Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone and Phone Attender

Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone and Phone Attender with enhanced bass that makes the music come alive.   This wireless headset is made to wear and listen to all day without missing any calls or any beats.    The vibrating function alerts you for the incoming calls and when not in use it rests peacefully on your collar.  Made for flexibility and style this Bluetooth headphone will not make your ear red at the end of the day.  

Talk/Music Time: Up to 25 hours higher quality sound with enhanced data processing.
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Long Battery Life fully rechargeable and recharging cable included.
Microphone Mute
Audible Battery Status Alert
Vibrating Call Alert
Volume control 
Earbuds stores with a magnetic cling when not in use at the tip of the headphone band.
Text to Speech
Compatible with Text to voice SMS apps
Sweat Proof 
All Day Comfort
Now also in Multi colors - Gold , Black , Grey , Pink